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​We are a Central Illinois based company specializing in property management and real estate investor services.  We take pride in all the homes we manage.  Please take a moment and learn more about us and our properties.
Finding the right home can be a struggle. But at Rent Rite, you can be assured you will find the Rite home. Matching you, a clean and responsible person, with a neat and worry-free home.  You can find the Rite home two ways. First, search our available homes. Or send us a note and we will see what will be coming available soon.
Merry Christmas! Thanks for such a wonderfiul home!  It has been so perfect the last three years.  Hope to stay for many years to come!
--  M. Yoder (​​ 12/18/10)
 Looking to rid your self of a house? Or do you need someone to take over the daily tasks ?Look no further. We consider ALL properties in ALL areas. We can close quickly in most cases. Interested? Tell Rent Rite more. Give us your name, phone number, property address, and description of the property.
All properties are listed on Zillow.com, making the neighborhood search that much easier!!​​

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